Holidays are a rare opportunity to unwind from the stresses of work and home. They're also notorious for being even more stressful than jobs or housework. Preparing ahead of time can prevent a restful vacation turning into a disaster:

Visa processing services

The ultimate disaster holiday is one where you don't even manage to make it across the border. Many countries require a visa in order to enter them; if you don't manage to get one on time then any flights, hotels and other bookings you've made will be scuppered.

The requirements for visas vary widely from country to country. Some don't require one at all, some require extensive documentation. Some require proof of vaccination, some have loopholes you might fall through (forget visiting Sudan if you have an Israeli stamp in your visa!). Acquiring a visa normally involves visiting the embassy of the country you're travelling to in your home country, which makes getting one a problem if there is no embassy for the country near you. 

Get some peace of mind over your visa by using a visa processing service. These companies use visa experts to go through all your documentation. They have the experience necessary to spot when there might be a problem with your visa and fix it in time for you to travel. Visa processing services will also take care of getting your passport stamped, even when there isn't an embassy in your country.


There are some holiday disasters you simply can't plan for: serious illnesses, broken limbs, dropping your camera in the ocean or suddenly getting a call from home to report the death of a family member. You can, however, protect yourself from the possibility of losing money on hospital bills, replacing lost possessions or having to buy an early flight home. All of the above are covered by good travel insurance policies.

Compare different companies and find one that covers your country and will protect you against theft, loss, sudden illness, cancellations and emergency flights. Most travel insurance policies will not protect against injuries sustained from adventure sports so be extra careful if you're taking a white water rafting trip.

Lost passport

Insurance will cover lost items but a missing passport is an extra hassle. Report a lost passport as soon as possible to your nearest consul or online. Until your passport is replaced, having a copy of your photo page can help you identify yourself. Scan this page and keep the image secure in your email or online storage so it can be accessed in an emergency.

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